Analogue Spotlight: LomoAmigo Tim Kerr's Artistic Endeavors in Fukushima


We featured Tim Kerr as our LomoAmigo a few years back, when he customized and took photos with La Sardina. Tim, who is a creative multi-tasker as a musician, artist, painter, photographer, skater (among other things!) is back to share some photos he took on his recent trip to Japan.

© Tim Kerr

He went to paint a mural at a kids camp in Fukushima with his friends Yusuke Hanai, HiDutch, and the kids. He was also part of two art shows in Fukushima and Tokyo.

© Tim Kerr

These photos were all shot with the Diana, Holga, a Minolta Hi-Matic (which he traded with Japan Camera Hunter a painting for!), and an instant camera. He used Fuji film for the instants and bleached the negatives. For the rest of the photos, he used the Lomography CN 800 film.

© Tim Kerr

So how did Tim land this amazing gig? "I was asked by my friends Yusuke and HiDutch to come to help paint a mural in Fukushima with kids at their camp. The kids were split into two groups: making a mask and making stencils for the mural. The groups were switched after a certain time so that both groups made mask and painted on the mural. I was taken surfing while there and was part of a group art show. I then went to Tokyo for a pop up show the next weekend at HenryHauz. I also went to Osaka to see the Tower Of The Sun. The whole time, I was documenting with the cameras and my cell phone ( for a digital backup"

Thank you, Tim, for sharing your photos with us!


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