Authenticity & Intimacy with Eleonora Furlan and the LC-A+

Eleonora Furlan has been taking photographs for over 6 years and uses it as a way to document her life, capturing those special memories and creating a visual diary. There is a certain, gentle, understated quality to her work which we wanted to know more about.

©, Eleonora Furlan

Eleonora takes a very personal approach to photography, her work feels like a private window into her world. We wanted to know more about the stories behind these images so asked Eleonora what role her photography takes and why she decided to shoot with film?

“What I love about photography is that it allows me to channel my creativity and give shape to something new every time I use my camera. I used to shoot digital a few years back, but the polished and hi-res quality of the photos bored me after a while. Film fits my creative projects and mood much better. I find it a lot easier to convey authenticity, melancholy, and intimacy through the rawness and imperfection of film. Besides, I like the unpredictability of shooting without knowing whether the final result will match my expectations. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Often it exceeds them, which is awesome.”
©, Eleonora Furlan

We asked Eleanora how she got on shooting with the LC-A+ camera and if there was anything specific she noticed about this little Compact Automat?

“Once I understood how to focus correctly, I loved it. If it’s used together with Lomography Color Negative 400 film, it allows for great contrast as well as colourful shots. My favourite feature is doubtlessly the ability to shoot multiple exposures. It’s something I’ve been looking to try for a long time, and I was stoked about finally testing a camera with a built-in switch for double exposures. I also liked how compact the LC-A+ is. I carried it around in my purse all day, and it felt incredibly light. I wanted to stick to natural, unposed photographs. So I carried the LC-A+ around all day for a while and shot anything visually interesting. I experimented with double exposures and with intentionally unfocused shots. I also shot some portraits, as well as capturing my everyday life.”

To see more of Eleanora's work, visit her Instagram or Flickr page.

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