Quarantine Chronicles in São Paulo by Cris Miranda


Even the pandemic hits its blues on Lomographer and portraitist Cris Miranda, a.k.a. crismiranda. The film portraitist started documenting her days and experiences during these times; analogue photography being emotionally and mentally therapeutic.

Credits: crismiranda

São Paulo has been hit by the pandemic since March and has been going through social distancing and the isolation process in order to tend to the rising numbers of COVID-19. Like many others, the pandemic has made many distressed, anxious, and hopeless. Cris' album has become a quaint collection of photographs that document her artistic experimentations and coping with the ups and downs.

"To keep my mind somehow healthy and looking for something that could perk me up, I decided to document my daily life, feelings, and thoughts throughout the period. Consequently, I began shooting at home: my adorable cats, my window views, and so on.
Credits: crismiranda

Cris also started taking photographs around the neighborhood when some businesses reopened, and these resulted in portraits of locals most of them wearing masks. She also visited places that used to be crowded, just to get a feel of the places now that there's a pandemic. "I met some people who work nearby and I could perceive in some way hope and optimism in their eyes and that was precious." said, Cris.

Part of the series is also a set of photographs with an experimental film soup using red wine.

"The results of the film soups didn’t make me jump for joy but they have a kind of an inexplicable aura; maybe I’ll be able to understand those images when time goes by."

Until the pandemic subsides and ordinary way of life restarts, Cris is set on taking more photographs at home.

Credits: crismiranda

For more of Cris' works, visit her Instagram and LomoHome.

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