Dreamscapes of Indonesia in LomoChrome Purple by Tom Marie


We invite you to discover Indonesia in a whole new light with French surfer and photographer Tom Marie. The artist satisfies our wanderlust with photos he took during his trip with the LomoChrome Purple. Discover the magnificent moments he captured with our color-shifting film!

Photos taken by Tom Marie with the LomoChrome Purple.

Hello Tom, could you please introduce yourself to the readers of the Lomography Magazine?

Hello, my name is Tom Marie, I'm 30 years old and I live in Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast in southwestern France. I am a surf instructor in the French Basque Country which leaves me time to take pictures and travel outside the tourist season.

When did you start taking pictures in general and analogue pictures in particular?

I would say that I took the path "backward", even if I don't think I'm the only one in this case, on the contrary. I started to enjoy photography at the beginning of Instagram, with my smartphone. Which lead me to invest in a bridge camera, then an SLR to get better quality. It's obviously a digital photo which led me to analogue. Shooting, selecting, editing... It made me a little crazy sometimes, with a lot of failures and a result that did not meet my expectations. So I bought a Canon AE1 and immediately liked it. It forced me to pay more attention to the framing, the settings, and what I would like my photos to convey. Having to wait for the films to be processed and being able to enjoy the final results gives you something more than just shooting. I also had in mind the family pictures of holidays we all have at our parents', our grandparents, the very particular grain and colors they have.

Photos taken by Tom Marie with the LomoChrome Purple.

What are your sources of inspiration?

The ocean and travels are my main sources of inspiration. I'm not from the photography world, I'm self-taught and I don't have a lot of culture in photography. I'm constantly nearby the ocean so I regularly capture it. My travels are most of the time related to surfing, and seeking the waves often brings me to incredible places, with many things to photograph. I also discovered an incredible community of photographers on Instagram, all passionate about analogue photography. They are very talented artists, they are renowned photographers or simple amateurs without any pretentiousness.

What makes you press the camera shutter release when you take pictures?

I like relatively deserted places, with a little or no human presence. I also enjoy symmetry, the game of lines and curves. When I'm in the water, the ocean surface and its waves allow me to play with the different textures, lights, and shapes.

Photos taken by Tom Marie with the LomoChrome Purple.

Could you tell us a bit more about your "Indonesian Delusions" series we are showing today?

Indonesia has a special significance for me. I have been going there almost every year for ten years now, to surf, to recharge my batteries, to dive into this very particular culture, and of course, to take pictures. When I discovered the LomoChrome Purple film through the feedback of other photographers, I noticed that the yellows and greens had a very specific aspect. Indonesia can be both arid and lush, according to the places and seasons, which made it the perfect playground to experiment with new things with this film. I wanted to show another vision of Indonesia in comparison to the pictures I usually take. I must say that I really enjoyed the results, the colors' renderings are as I imagined and give a particular aspect to the photos.

Let's talk about the technical details: what camera did you use and at what ISO did you shot the LomoChrome Purple?

I used a Canon A1 and I shot the film at ISO 200. For the anecdote, I shot my first roll before realizing after one week of traveling and 36 shots that since my first take, the film was not clipped on the take up spool... A beginner's mistake that made me "lose" these photos but even if I was frustrated, it motivated me to shot the next rolls with more attention.

Photos taken by Tom Marie with the LomoChrome Purple.

What do you think of the LomoChrome Purple?

Using this kind of film makes you explore even more unknown territories of analogue. It can be irritating when we don't manage to get the expected results but it's very pleasing when the photos go way beyond what we imagined.

Some future projects you would like to share with us?

I do a lot of digital aquatic photography to shoot waves, surfers, and landscapes from the water. I would like to invest in a Nikonos camera to be able to try the LomoChrome Purple for this kind of photography!

We would like to thank Tom Marie for sharing his photos and impressions with us. You can follow him on Instagram. The LomoChrome Purple is available on the Lomography Online Store.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Awesome 💖 I always like none Indonesian perspective about this boring country haha especially since this never ending pandemic and the price of film increasingly insane here in Indonesia Rp 100.000 for Fuji C200 which I had bought Rp 10.000 16 years ago 😄😢

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