Creative Challenge: Reflections on Film

Some would say that the mirror shot has to be one of the most overused tricks in photography. It's a fair point, however, we think that life looks totally different when it's seen this way. There's depth to it. There's a certain charm and most importantly, it looks fun. Here are different ways to look at the world by capturing reflections.

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Being an Observer

Once everything gets better, it would be nice to get back outside to shoot without feeling scared or worried. Take that chance to watch people go on about their daily lives and snap some shots.

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Different Realities

Stay still like the water in that pond. Post yourself against a steady surface and compose your shot. Reflections can look like portals into a different reality and it's up to you to document these experiences.

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There are countless ways to view the world and you've got your camera with you to help you figure what they look like. Experiment and bend photography rules if you must. No one's going to stop you and you won't let them once you've figured out how exciting it can be.

Capturing the Self

Warhol did it. Vivian Maier did it. Stanley Kubrick did it. You know why? Because it's fun and they liked it.

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If the ubiquitous mirror self-portrait is good enough for them, then there's no reason why you shouldn't. The self-portrait taken with a mirror comes naturally to any photographer. Express yourself and be yourself. There's no use in shooting on film and not taking the chance to take a photo of yourself as a remembrance.

While you're at it, don't just focus on mirrors. There are other reflective surfaces you can try. Use your imagination and compose your self-portrait however you desire.

Have you tried taking photos of reflections lately? Show us your shots by commenting the link below. Let's see those creative reflections captured on film!

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