Instant Portrait Sessions with Lomo'Instant Cameras


Instant cameras are never boring because you can turn any occasion into a photo opportunity! Take a hint from this collection of Lomo'Instant portraits from the community.

Credits: anthonystone & frenchyfyl

Own the streets or turn a simple coffee date or walk in the part into an impromptu portrait session. You need all the creative exercise you can get to stay on top of your game even during these crazy times. Of course, always remember to keep yourself safe and those around you by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing to avoid unwanted contact. That's called having fun responsibly! Now don't forget to bring your Lomo'Instant with you to take home those pretty instant portraits!

Credits: jappy0803, kumiko_hisa, 007-0815-styler, juniardigiugno, frenchyfyl, systemdevice & mariel-fink

What is your favorite Lomo'Instant camera for taking Instant Portraits? Let us know in the comments!

written by cheeo on 2021-06-09 #gear #instant-photography #portraits #lomo-instant

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