Carnival in the Rain — a Photo Gallery by @woro12


Multiple exposures, splitzed, and panoramic shots with sprocket holes? Sounds like good analogue fun!

Credits: woro12

We are seriously loving this new album by community member @woro12. It's exclusively shot with a Sprocket Rocket and we have to say that it's one of the most creative new albums we've seen as of late. It's a playful experiment on different analogue techniques, creating images that are downright dynamic and cool to look at. We're especially loving the use of colored flash gels to add another layer of effect to the shots. It's always nice to see Lomographers that come up with fun ways to keep photography exciting. Great job, @woro12! Keep the great snaps coming!

Credits: woro12

We would like to thank @woro12 for sharing their images with the community. Give them a follow to see more of their work.

written by cheeo on 2022-02-10 #people #places #panorama #photo-gallery #sprocket-rocket #woro12


  1. barbaradehoog
    barbaradehoog ·

    Oh my...i love your photo's !

  2. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·


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