Flash to Red with Lucinda Lewis and the Lomography Color Negative 120 film


Light leaks, vignettes, and strange, shadowy exposures are all part of the process when shooting with plastic lens cameras and these aesthetics have become a huge part of the joy in film shooting. This is what originally drew us to the work of Lucinda Lewis, a UK-based photographer who shot her latest series using a Holga 120 camera, some Lomography Color Negative 120 film and a red flash.

Photos by Lucinda Lewis

Hello Lucinda, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! well I'm a photographer, filmmaker and an overall creative individual! I've been shooting film for a while now. I've been lucky enough to work with musicians and fellow creatives. I shoot portraiture and have shot a music video and one short film too. I spend most of my time in Scotland, but have roots in London and work all over the UK! when I'm not working you'll usually find me watching films. I'm a big fan of physical media, I have over 1000 DVDs/ Blu Rays.

How would you describe your shooting style?

Ethereal, cinematic, dreamy, contemplation, DIY, personal...

Photos by Lucinda Lewis

What's the appeal of shooting with film and how did you discover it?

It feels real for me, the process and tangibility of it, its outcome is what I fell in love with, the beauty of an image shot on film. Hard to beat. I’ve always been aware of it in my life, up until about 10 years old my mum was still taking family photos on her Minolta. I've been shooting film for myself for some years now, 7 or 8 I think.

How do you find shooting with our 120 Color Negative film?

I loved it! I was having some fun shooting on my Holga, and I was able to experiment with your film too. The photos that really sparked this article were the ones with the red flash, modelled by the wonderful Drimm, so I went further and shot some similar photos with that concept, they were shot on Lomography Color Negative 120 ISO 800.

If you were to invent a film camera what would it do?

It would basically be a Mamiya rz67 image quality with the body quality of a Holga (price, and weight too) and able to go underwater, oh and can also record cine film!

Photos by Lucinda Lewis

Anything exciting coming up in 2022?

I certainly have a lot of plans in mind, that I hope will come into fruition. I'm hoping to make my 2nd short film, and can't wait to share more information on that soon! As well as work more on music videos, as well we personal projects and more photoshoots, and collaborations with other photographers, in front and behind the camera!

To see more of Lucinda's work visit her Instagram page. Big thanks go out to models drimminn and Emma groovettevintage.

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