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Filmmaker and photographer Cindy Sasha set up Shine Camera Club in Merton, south London, as a place to help inspire children from low socio-economic backgrounds between the ages of 8-10 years to dream big and pursue photography using analogue/film cameras. She recently used some Simple Use Reloadable Cameras to teach the children the basics of shooting with film along with some tips on looking at and capturing the world they live in through their own eyes.

Photos taken by students at Shine Camera Club

“I never had the opportunity as a child to explore photography or to understand that it could be a career. Growing up in a working class background to dream was impossible and opportunities didn’t present themselves like today. I want to make sure this camera club inspires and allow children to dream again.” – Cindy Sasha, Founder, Shine Camera Club

During this course the children were taught all aspects of photography and were encouraged to explore different techniques and look at other inspiring photographers. Former Picture Editor at The Observer Magazine Jennie Ricketts selected the best work, which was exhibited this summer at prominent Wimbledon department store Elys, during the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Photos taken by students at Shine Camera Club

"I’m really pleased to be involved with Shine Camera Club which will provide an opportunity for a group of children, who may not otherwise have the chance, to discover the world of photography and learn how to use a camera. My hope is, at the very least, the exhibition of their work will allow the children to enjoy the experience of having their images displayed for an audience, but also that we may reveal a potential future talented photographer among them.” – Jennie Ricketts, Curator

Photos taken by students at Shine Camera Club

The photos you see here are just a selection of the photos taken by the students using the Simple Use Cameras. You can see how they really experimented and tried different viewpoints and techniques. Through Cindy’s trusting relationship with Kristina Burton, Project and Development Manager at Mitcham Town Community Trust, Shine Camera Club provides a safe learning space for children to feel inspired through creativity and to build their confidence to pursue photography in later life.

Kristina Burton comments, “Shine Merton Saturday School is delighted to be working with Cindy Sasha on a series of highly imaginative photography workshops. Providing disadvantaged primary students with an opportunity to have a camera and take images under professional instruction is a true rarity. It is also a prime example of how children can thrive and shine.”

To find out more about this inspiring project visit the Shine Camera Club website.

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