Varunchauhan Shows Us the Tail End of a Dreamy New Zealand Summer


New Zealand is known to be a fantasy-esque destination with movie series such as The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia being shot around the country. Varunchauhan takes to the road in this beautiful landscape and shares his dream-like summer road trip around The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Credits: varunchauhan
Credits: varunchauhan
“I started when I was in my teenage years since then fell out, then back in. I've heard about the Lomography community but haven't been active, joined this week to share some images and check out other wonderful creatives on here.”
Credits: varunchauhan

Varunchauhan who resides in Melbourne currently spends his time working in film and commercials. Originally from Mumbai, India he decided to take a road trip around New Zealand during the summer season.

Credits: varunchauhan
These images are a compilation of my thoughts. Observing people and embracing my surroundings, it’s a beautiful harmony. And capturing these images on analogue makes the process more meditative than shooting digital

Varunchauhan brings us along for the ride with his Canon AE-1 and Olympus XE using a mix of Kodak 160 and 400, T-MAX, Cinestill, and Fuji C200 as his tools to bring his thoughts to fruition. The photos he captures take us back to times when we could just be alone with our thoughts, casually lazing around with the warmth of the sun on our skin and cool breeze taking swipes at us from time to time.

Credits: varunchauhan
"I like documenting my habits and surroundings, developing my foundation, nothing is certain, [and] learning something new every day. I work in films and commercials, turning my passion into something more, and being self-sufficient is more than I can ask. The next stage in my career would be to have an exhibition, where I can invite people to a space and share my work. A few exciting projects in the coming months."

For more photos of his adventures check out @VARUNCHAUHAN. With summer around the corner for many members of the community where will you be heading in the comings weeks? Share your answers in the comments below.

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  1. saba
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    Pics are really awesome 😍

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    kokanipradnya1 ·

    Beautiful beautiful New Zealand ❤️
    Awesome pics 👍🏻

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    love this!

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