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Rule number one of Lomography's 10 Golden Rules says to bring your camera wherever you go as spontaneous moments sometimes make the best, most memorable photos. Browsing her LomoHome, community member Lucia's (@lulito) images taken during vacations, hangouts and even just at home struck us as a perfect example of this rule.

In this interview, we asked Lucia about her candid and dreamy images, film photography in Argentina, why she prefers to capture life on film and more.

Credits: lulito

Hi, Lucia! Welcome to the magazine. First off, can you tell us about yourself? When and how did you start shooting on film?

Hi! I'm Lucia, a 29-year-old visual designer from Buenos Aires. My journey into film photography began around 2013 when I got a Fisheye camera, (up to that point I had only used digital). My interest took a high point a few later when I got my hands on a Canon AE-1 and took a photography class in university (FADU UBA), where I learned about the more technical aspects of photography and I was able to experiment with this new medium.

I still have a zine I made for this class that contained my first series of double exposed portraits. Later on I tried smaller cameras like La Sardina (which is now happily on loan to a close friend living abroad) and an old forgotten Nikon Tele Touch I found at my parents house.

Credits: lulito

Looking at your LomoHome, you seem like the kind of person who takes their cameras to all places. Why do you prefer to capture your memories on film?

Yes! I always try to carry a film camera with me. I think that the unpredictability of it and the fact that you take the picture and go on living in the present moment is what draws me into it. Nowadays, I use film mostly for experimenting with new mediums and techniques. However, it has become quite challenging to find accessible and affordable film options due to the ongoing financial crisis in Argentina.

This also goes to finding suitable analogue camera replacements. Unfortunately, my trusty cameras are in need of repairs before I can resume shooting with them. In the meantime, I decided to give disposable cameras a try. It was a new experience for me, but a thrilling one nonetheless.

Credits: lulito

What's it like being a film photographer in Argentina? Is there a community that you hang out with?

Film photography has seen a surge in popularity here, especially with point-and-shoot cameras. Many of my closest friends shoot on film or did at some point, we used to exchange cameras especially on trips or some event.

Credits: lulito

You shoot a lot of styles, from portraits and self-portraits, to landscapes and multiple exposure experiments. Do you have a favorite style? What other styles would you like to explore or film projects would you want to work on?

It's quite tricky to choose a favorite style, to be honest. Lately, I've been exploring more experimental approaches, and I find it fascinating to see the unexpected results that come out of these experiments. Not too long ago, I accidentally overlapped shots on an undeveloped film that spanned different phases of my life.

The outcomes were surprisingly intriguing, and it felt like there was a subtle message hidden within those images, which I really enjoyed pondering over.

Credits: @lulito

What makes you press the shutter button? Do you compose your photos intently or do you go by your feeling?

Spontaneity! I usually shoot following my instincts and capturing moments as they happen. Since I don't do it regularly, I might make some mistakes here and there, but I don't mind.

Credits: lulito

You've also tried some Lomography cameras and film stocks. What was your experience like? Any other Lomography cameras or film you'd like to try?

I'm about to try the Lomochrome Purple for the first time, so I’ll let you know when I finish!

As for cameras, some years ago I came across a Lomography book with every camera to date and example pictures. The ones I felt very intrigued about were the Spinner 360° and the ActionSampler because of their experimental features.

Credits: lulito

What do you wish to tell people through your photos?

Since I'm quite a nostalgic person, I try to evoke the same sense of fun and intimacy one gets when flipping through old photo albums. But mostly I'm having fun with it.

We'd like to thank Lucia for sharing her images and stories with us! To view more of her work, visit her LomoHome.

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