JY_SNAPS Captures Hong Kong Streets With the LomoApparat and LomoChrome Film


There's so much room to play around when it comes to film photography. From the endless options of ISO and shutter speed that can foster unique combinations, to unique film stocks that can transform everyday scenes into an imagined world.

Jacky (@JY_Snaps) is a newcomer to analogue photography, but his compositions and film choices showcase his wide imagination. Jacky captures the essence of Hong Kong streets in his own way by shooting them with the LomoApparat and trying out unique film offerings such as LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Color '92. He even joined a black-and-white development workshop, truly diving into the world of analogue photography. Today, we talk to Jacky about his experiences and how he creates his unique version of the city's streets.

Credits: jy_snaps

Greetings! Welcome to Lomography Magazine. Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you started your analogue journey?

Hello everyone! My name is Jacky, from Hong Kong. I'm very grateful to be interviewed by Lomography! When I’m on vacation, I like to use film to shoot the streets I’ve never been to, or find a common theme to shoot per roll. I started shooting film in September 2022 when I bought a Kodak ultra F9 film camera because I got inspired when some friends started shooting in analogue.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I mainly do street photography and like to add different elements to enrich the photos, such as long exposure, multiple exposures, and the use of filters.

What kind of gear do you usually use?

Mostly I've been using my Nikon F80, Nikon Fm2, and the LomoApparat.

How has your experience been using the LomoApparat?

A camera full of creativity and fun. The photos in the album were taken with black and white film. I never thought that using long exposure and multiple exposure functions to shoot on the streets of Central would have a "realistic" effect. I think the LomoApparat is suitable for long exposures and multiple exposures. You will always get unexpected surprises if you try it a few times!

You also used LomoChrome Purple with the LomoApparat. Did you find shooting color film on the LomoApparat different from using black and white film?

LomoChrome Purple gives me a dreamy, fairytale feeling because it makes the things I see every day turn purple, green, and pink, which gives a unique feeling. I like black and white films to be melancholy, and the photos are more attractive than with color films.

Credits: jy_snaps

How was your experience using our latest film, LomoChrome Color 92 ?

In line with Lomography's experimental spirit, I used three different ISO values for the first shot of LomoChrome Color '92 film (100, 200, 400). After development, all three ISOs can be seen in the photos. The film stock feels bluish and cold to me, a bit like the LomoChrome Metropolis but I think it is more suitable for shooting sunny days or portrait photography.

Among your photos, the ones that really stand out for me were the nighttime long exposures and the experimental photos with multi-exposure. Tell us about how you came up with these shots.

When I bought the LomoApparat I saw a lot of long-exposure and multiple-exposure photos, and I wanted to try it. So I used the LomoApparat to try to shoot long exposures and multiple exposures. It was not the same when I first took the photos. Success is achieved through constant attempts. The most important thing is to try different angles and different types of films, which will give you surprises and a sense of success.

Credits: jy_snaps

Among your recent photos do you have any favorites?

The first photo (below) was taken during my first black-and-white development workshop so it feels particularly meaningful that I was able to do the whole process from shooting to development. The second photo was taken while taking photos by the waterfront in the West Kowloon Cultural District and I accidentally saw someone proposing, so I wanted to pick up the camera to record the moment.

The third picture is a long multiple-exposure photo. It was taken with the LomoApparat. It is one of my favorite photos. It has a feeling of flowing in the city. It also makes me feel that there are many secrets waiting to be discovered when shooting with the LomoApparat.

Credits: jy_snaps

How has the experience of developing your own film been?

I recently learned how to develop black and white film through a development workshop I participated in. Before the workshop, I had previously conceived notions that it might be difficult but after talking with other film lovers I learned that it is actually very easy to process black and white film at home, and the materials are easily available, so I started to process the film myself. Learning the process and seeing all the chemicals I had to use and mix felt like doing a science experiment! I really appreciated the process and enjoyed doing everything by hand.

The first time I developed film at home was unforgettable because I thought I made an error when I had to open the cover and rinse the film with water at the last moment. I saw that the film was black and there was no image. I was worried that the film had been damaged but it turned out that nothing happened, it was just that the films were stacked together. It's just black, and there are images when you spread it out. By developing the film yourself, you can control the development time and method, making the final image full of variables. Compared with taking the film to the lab and waiting for it to be developed, the entire process is more complete.

Do you have any tips you want to share with the rest of the community?

The last thing I want to share with you is that you can look at other people's photos to analyze how the photographer took the photos, and you can try to ask what techniques the photographer used to take the photos. Learn different shooting methods on your own to establish your own style.

Credits: jy_snaps

We thank Jacky for his words and wonderful pictures. Be sure to keep up with his journey by following him on his LomoHome. Where will you shoot the LomoApparat or LomoChrome films next? Comment down below and let us know!

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