Metropol Parasol (Sevilla)

LC-A+ en mano, Wide Lens puesto, y un carrete Kodak EBX para fotografiar esta "cosa" que han hecho en Sevilla, conocido por alli como "Las Setas". Tenia ganas de fotografiarlo, y el carrete revelado como diapositiva me ha encantado... QUE COLORES!!!!

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  1. rotte
    rotte ·

    @artichekt Thanks!!!! :D I'm uploading now another black and white album of the same building. When I saw him under construction I thought that it was a project that will not integrate well in a city like Sevilla. I still think it does not integrate too well with its surroundings, but it surprised me, and creates a quite welcoming area.

    I have to submit a lot of photos to the architecture collection besides these. I wil do it, :D

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