On the Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

A set of images from a trip to Chile & Argentina in 2018. One camera packed up, one had a light leak, I used a range of film, some cheap, some not (not that cost seemed to make any difference) there were some bizarre exposures and overall it wasn't a very impressive 8 or so rolls of film!

Chile & Argentina 2018


  1. stevejack0
    stevejack0 ·

    This is so cool.
    Sorry to hear about the light leaks.

  2. sandersoftheriver
    sandersoftheriver ·

    @stevejack0 Thanks, I do like it ...but would like it even more if I had done it intentionally! That's paradox of film for me. I like the unpredictability of analogue over the perfection of digital and the fact that you have to wait and actually *do* something to the film before you see the result, on the other hand I want to be in control of the final outcome and as I don't really have the technical skills to do that I rely largely on chance, mediated by an attempt to at least think a little about exposure settings. So I suppose I want to be able to reliably produce both 'properly' exposed images *and* ones that are imperfect. But then that takes chance out of the equation? Ah, then what do I *really* want? Maybe I should just stop thinking too hard about it.

  3. stevejack0
    stevejack0 ·

    @sandersoftheriver I've made my fair share of mistakes but I've only had a camera malfunction once. My brother shoots digital and he is always forgetting to charge batteries, leaving his SD card in his PC or dropping his camera in a river. It's not just us analogue photographers that mess up. I post my mistakes online as a reminder of what not to do. I reckon I've learnt from them and now I only make new mistakes that I haven't made before. Someday I hope to of made every mistake possible and then I Nirvana :)

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