November Workshops and Events at our Gallery and Embassy Stores

Gear up for another month of inspiring exhibitions and fun workshops at our Gallery and Embassy Stores — chase neon lights with different Lomography cameras, capture stunning portraits with our Art Lens, and more! Here's what's in store this November.


Choose your favorite Lomography camera and get some tips on shooting great images with it. Then, test out your newfound knowledge with fellow film photographers in the neon-soaked streets of Soho.

This workshop starts at 18:00 and costs £15, which includes the loan of a Lomography camera, a roll or pack of film, and development/scans of your negatives or the instant pictures you make. Plus, a chance to win prizes! There are only limited slots available, so call us at 02074341466 to reserve yours.


Learn how to make the most out of the medium format darling, Diana F+ with this comprehensive workshop. Pick up useful pointers — from loading the film to choosing the right settings — and kickstart your own dreamy journey!

Explore all the creative features of the Lomo'Instant and master shooting perfectly lit photographs with a manual instant camera.

Try your hand at portrait photography with our wide range of Art Lenses. Set in the charming Bar à Bulles, located in the heart of Pigalle, you'll have a chance to work with a model and refine your photography skills with the Petzval Art Lens, Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens or Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

Challenge yourself to shoot with just a pack of film and your favorite Lomo'Instant camera around the lovely Marais neighborhood.

Musician Ryder the Eagles presents a selection of photographs from The Taste of Salt, his recently released book featuring poems and photographs shot with the Lomo LC-Wide camera during his European tour.

Photo by Ryder the Eagles with the Lomo LC-Wide


Celebrate the opening of Sarah Bejerano's An Insular Journey, which discusses the contradicting connotations of being born on an island. This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Photogenic Festival.

Practice your photography with the Diana F+ and develop your own black and white negatives in this special workshop.

Credits: lomographybarcelona

Experience the magic shooting portraits with a large format camera while experimenting with different techniques like double exposure, light painting and more!

  • Thursday, 29 November 2018 | Plástico Fantástico Exhibition by Mario Ferrer.


  • Thursday, 22 November 2018 to Saturday 22 December 2018 | Metropolis Exhibition by Paco Torres and Elena Plaza

See the same cities from two different perspectives with this exhibition by Paco Torres and Elena Plaza.

Mark your calendars and see you at our Gallery or Embassy Store soon! If you have any suggestions on future workshops, exhibition, or LomoWalk ideas, feel free to hit us up on the comments section below.

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