Community Member Color Captures the Forbidden City With the Diana F+ and LC-Wide

Color is a veteran Lomographer and a big fan of film and creative photography. Her works, like her life, are colorful, full of creativity, and full of fun. Recently, she created a set of works on the Forbidden City, inspired by the ten golden laws of Lomography. We are very happy to have the opportunity to share these wonderful works and understand the stories behind them. Let's take a look!

Shoot by Color with LC-Wide

Could you share with us your thoughts on analogue photography?

For me, the most attractive thing about a film must be the texture of the film. This is something that cannot be 100% restored and reproduced by digital photography, even with filters and photoshop. Also, I am obsessed with the waiting process of "shooting-developing-scanning (printing)". As time progresses, Everything today is easier to obtain, so it is also easier to forget. Film photography allows me to cherish every present moment frozen on the film and it gives me infinite possibilities on each photo.

Shoot by Color with Diana F+

I have used Sprocket Rocket 135 film cameraDiana F+ 120 film camera Diana Mini 135 film cameraLC-Wide 135 film camera Daguerreotype Achromat Art lens Lomo' Instant Automat Glass.

My favorite is LC-Wide, perfect for everything! The operation for shooting is simple and the ultra-wide-angle configuration can meet the shooting of many scenes, re-exposure, compact, and easy to carry. The most worth mentioning is that the position of the handle of the Lomography family is not blind, and the filming rate is extremely high, not to mention Lomography. The favorite among the products is my favorite among all 135 series cameras.

Shoot by Color with LC-Wide

What was in your mind when you were taking these photos?

I used Diana F+ for this shooting. I want to shoot a group of films composed of "Lomography Camera + Lomography film + Forbidden City". This idea came from the ten golden rules of Lomography, especially "Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it." This is the case now, I always carry LC-Wide in my pocket or bag... Take your camera everywhere you go! And the Forbidden City's red walls and yellow tiles are a perfect match with the film!

Shoot by Color with Diana F+

Are there any tips or tricks you would want to share with our readers?

This set of films was shot on one of the coldest days with strong winds of level 12 at the beginning of this year. Yes, to take pictures of the Forbidden City with no one is to withstand the severe cold and an annual ticket to enter and exit the Forbidden City freely, haha!

Tips for taking photos at famous tourist attraction:
1. Go there as early as possible;
2. Don’t take the usual route. Avoid the peak shifting to take pictures;
3. There will be clearing time in some places before they close, it is the time with the least people. Seize the Opportunity!

Shoot by Color with LC-Wide

What are your future plans or photo projects?

I often go to the Forbidden City for various reasons, working, meeting friends, and seeing exhibitions. My happiest time in the past three years has been in the palace.

So for the future, I have a long-term plan and a short-term plan:

The short-term plan is to shoot the Forbidden City against another city landmark. I plan to use the Sprocket Rocket and Lomography's Metropolis Film, Purple Film, Redscale XR Film, etc. I think this theme will be fun.

The long-term plan is to record 10 years of a person on 120 film. The subject could be someone I know or not. If you are interested, contact me! I have a camera and eyes to discover and record, hope you have films and your true self.

Shoot by Color with Diana F+

I am super happy and honored to be part of Lomography's amigo interview. Thank you for your patient reading, Let's be Lomography to the end! To infinity! Look forward to creating more fun and infinite possibilities with you!

Thank you Color for sharing, and we look forward to you coming back to Lomography online magazine to share more of your creations~ If you want to see more of color's works, you can check her Instagram page @color__chan.

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