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In photography, there are two stages that the creative lensman takes: the first is the objective stage, where the photographer learns all the rules and fundamentals of the craft. The next is the creative stage. This is where all of the learned rules are being broken and challenged through constant experiments. Color-shifting films like the ones from the LomoChrome Film Family (the LomoChrome Purple, LomoChrome Turquoise and LomoChrome Metropolis) create a colorful backdrop for the endless imagination and visions of the artist, making them loved, special, and constantly in demand. Read the outpour of appreciation for the LomoChrome films, coming from your favorite analogue photographers!

Photo by Dylana Suarez, bravopires x lalouve, and Kate Hook

Easily and Effortlessly Beautiful

For the inexperienced yet aspiring artist, analogue photography can be quite daunting at first. Even for the expert film shooter, color-calibrating with film is a meticulous task and often ends up with additional efforts in the darkroom. However, films like the LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Turquoise are great films to choose from, whether you're just learning the ropes or are an expert photographer. Producing artful images has never been this natural and easy.

“Many of the pictures I’ve taken with LomoChrome Purple and Turquoise are honestly some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever created. Those stocks really are something special, and they help produce special pictures too.” — Kate Hook

For some artist photographers, the cool tones of the LomoChrome Metropolis film make the process of color-grading like a breeze: less time and hassle in the darkroom!

“I was pleasantly surprised by the tones, it was like stepping back 20 years to when I used to cross-process to get similar tones, with the Metropolis film you don't need inverted developments because these tones are already the film's characteristic.” — Marco Trinchillo
Images by Kate Hook and Marco Trinchillo

For Extreme and Subtle Color-shifting Experiments

While real-life may not be in full purple or green, these limitations cannot confine the photographer in the world of art and images. It's through colors as to how they express moods and feelings in their work. Some love the stark and extreme color-shifting of reality in their photos. Some appreciate subtle shifts more. With the flexible extended ISO of the LomoChrome films, the photographer's expectations are easily met and satisfied.

"With both films [LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Turquoise] I would be interested in be looking into using more different creative filters... to see what kind of tone and effects I can achieve. It's all about the art of play in my work and I find these LomoChrome films really do accentuate that." -- Kate Hook
"This way of distorting reality as we see it makes the moment of development and discovery even more intriguing...you shoot and you don't know what colors you will get exactly, you shoot and then everything changes. It's an important added value that brings Lomochrome films to a very high level of interest." -- Claudio D'Abronzo
"I like that this film [LomoChrome Metropolis] produces pleasant skin tones and unexaggerated colors suited for the kind of portraiture and documentary photography that I prefer." -- Arjun Duvvuru
Images by Claudio D'Abronzo,Arjun Duvvuru and Kate Hook

Perfect for Projects and Routine Breakers

For the analogue experimenters, the LomoChrome films are top film stock choices for unique, distinguished projects and for a fresh change of pace. In a recent film swap, Lomographer @bravopires and @lalouve chose the LomoChrome Turquoise as the shared film: "We love the singularity of it, its color-shifting capacity, its mood." bravopires said.

Pair the LomoChrome films with an Art Lens as well for that extra surreal swirl, as photographer Nicolette Clara Iles did:

"I really liked using the Petzval and LomoChrome Purple/LomoChrome Turquoise films together! They created a nice harmony and put me slightly out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I’d like to use them both again." -- Nicolette Clara Iles
Photos by bravopires x lalouve and Nicolette Clara Iles

Chromatically Cinematic

Color will always be the heart of a photograph and a cinematic still. It's part of the visual language for characters and stories in cinema. The LomoChrome films are natural at creating the kind of mood one wants to portray. Greens and purples coming from the LomoChrome Turquoise and LomoChrome Purple are coveted for enigmatic settings, often with an element of fantasy. the LomoChrome Metropolis is often sought for its melancholic palette -- like a nostalgic coming-of-age film.

"The LomoChrome Purple really makes those photos pop, and feel like they could be scenes from a sci-fi/horror movie!" -- Jamie Ceasar
"It really makes everything very dramatic I think and I really enjoy that. The muted tones and yellowish tint to it just make me feel like I’m in a movie." -- Cullen Lowe
Models: Rechel Renay,Alyssa Bram, Erica Gonzales, Jeslyn Ochoa. Images by Jamie Ceasar and Cullen Lowe

Fulfilling Dreams and Visions

Of course, the biggest reason why many love the LomoChrome films is due to their dream-fulfilling capabilities -- quite literally! Everyone has a distinct notion of what their dream realm looks like. Through LomoChrome films, photographers are able to visualize their reveries and fantasy worlds. Maybe you're like photographer Justin Mahe who has once fantasized about a sci-fi-like Greece:

"The strange colors of the LomoChrome Turquoise are great to illustrate the surreal, nearly science-fiction aspects of these landscapes. Walking on the craters feels like exploring a new planet." -- Justin Mahe

Or like Dylana Suarez who envisioned a retro New York in purple and yellow:

"Metropolis was amazing to shoot in Central Park in the fall because it accentuated the yellow tones. And then I went out of my way to shoot Central Park again in the spring with the Purple, because I really wanted to see how all the greens would look coming out against the pink cherry blossoms. I was not disappointed. It brought to life this dream nostalgia that NYC always gives me." -- Dylana Suarez

The world is entirely yours to paint on with the LomoChrome films.

Which LomoChrome film excites you the most and why? Color-shift your universe and stock up on your favorite LomoChrome film now at the Online Shop!

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