Miriam Gomez' Tribute to Women Artists With the Diana Instant Square

We got to know Miriam during our last LomoWalk held in Madrid and organized in cooperation with Etereo Zine. Today she's back on our Online Magazine with a photographic project about women in the art world, in which she replicates the work of others using with our Diana Instant Square. Check it out!

© Miriam Gomez - Mix Media Self Portrait: Diana Instant Square + embroidery technique

Miriam Gomez: As a female creator and art historian, when I was studying for my degree, I wondered, where were the women artists? Now the panorama has changed a lot, but 15 years ago there were only a few. The best known were merely mentioned by books and teachers.

In my photography I constantly resort to the inspiration of other women who have already explored the creative field in the past, almost always from a more intimate and personal space. They are often far from conventional artistic circles, which resulted in many cases in a unique contribution with tremendous value to art.

When Lomography invited me to try their Diana Instant Square for Women's Day, it occurred to me to explore the work of several of these women artists who have inspired me throughout my career and that I keep in my thoughts – immersing myself in their works, in their creative process, exploring the sense of reaffirmation through their self-portraits, and creating synergies between their visual language and mine. Using such an amazing method as instant photography, I have been able to enjoy the creative process in a more spontaneous way and I have marvelled at the magic of the result.

Julia Margaret Cameron and her pictorial portraits among vegetation and flowers

© Miriam Gomez - Self Portrait with Diana Instant Square / © Julia Margaret Cameron

Vivian Maier – the queen of self-portraits and a great street photographer

© Miriam Gomez - Self Portrait with Diana Instant Square / © Vivian Maier

Margaret Watkins – advertising photographer

© Miriam Gomez, Still life with Diana Instant Square / © Margaret Watkins

Dora Maar – surrealist artist

© Miriam Gomez, Still life with Diana Instant Square / © Dora Maar

Imogen Cunningham – a nature and portrait photographer who innovated with her work in both genres

© Miriam Gomez, Double Exposure with Diana Instant Square / © Imogen Cunningham

Tina Modotti – Italian photographer, activist and social fighter in Mexico

© Miriam Gomez / © Tina Modotti

Ana Atkins – considered the first female photographer and was the first person to publish a botanical book exclusively illustrated with photographic images

© Miriam Gomez, Still life with Diana Instant Square / © Ana Atkins

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