Learning with Lomography: The Photography Foundation La Sardina Workshop


From Bologna to Bandung, London to Shanghai – we have collaborated with universities and schools all over the world to give creative individuals the chance to enjoy their own Lomographic experiences. Through this series we see how the trainees brought their artistic visions to life with the help of a range of Lomography tools.

We recently worked with The Photography Foundation, a charity based in South London who who create pathways to professional photography for less advantaged individuals through their extensive training program. They incorporated the La Sardina 35 mm camera into their recent course and set the trainees a special analogue challenge. We asked the team at The Photography Foundation about their set up and the trainees experiences shooting with film.

Photos taken by The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees

Hello Photography Foundation, please tell us a bit about yourselves?

We create pathways to professional photography careers for less advantaged young adults in London through education and work experience. We use photography as a conduit for social change, community connections and positive social interactions. We promote the art of photography, bringing photography to a new, wider and more diverse audience. We do this through our rolling 6-month training program, talks and workshops. For many people, a lack of resources, opportunities or industry connections means that a career in photography is out of reach. We believe that talent and motivation should be more important than who you know or where you come from, and it's our mission to make this a reality.

Photos taken by The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees

What kind of project did you set up using the La Sardina camera?

We really wanted the trainees to have full control over the narratives they wanted to tell and keep the freedom for experimentation as that is what is fun about the La Sardina camera. We handed them over and encouraged them to come up with a concept that best represents their personalities and photographic style, as well as share a snippet of their experience on the training program.

Photos taken by The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees

What was the aim of the project using the La Sardina camera?

Hello! We are the Spring 2023 cohort of trainees at The Photography Foundation. As a collective of trainees, our aim for this project was to explore, dive and immerse ourselves in a new media, in which none of us has previously experienced (using not only the La Sardina Camera but also Lomography film.)

We wanted this project to be very experimental and fun, inspired by double exposure, whilst hoping to highlight the environment we surround ourselves with in the traineeship program. Taking pictures of details, patterns and our ‘not-so-usual styles’ of images, hoping to incorporate that into our work, whilst simultaneously still showcasing our passion and personalities as creatives.

Photos taken by The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees

What was your shooting approach?

Our shooting approach was all about embracing the moment and letting our creativity run wild. We took an open, abstract approach, capturing whatever inspired us in the moment, which gave us the freedom to be truly creative. We made the most of the flash, wide-angle lens and multiple exposure features to explore different perspectives and create unique visuals.

As a group, we collectively decided to challenge ourselves, by not only utilising the double exposure (MX) feature within the La Sardina Camera but also swapping and reloading the entire film once done. With this practice and approach, we felt we kept our creative juices flowing and fostered greater group collaboration by continuously mixing our individual photography styles. The artistic process itself was all about spontaneity, innovation and youth collective creativity!

Photos taken by The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees

How did you find the experience?

For all of us, it was our first experience in the world of Lomography film and the La Sardina camera, making it incredibly unique and exciting. The journey itself was captivating and full of surprises, having a blast exploring new techniques and perspectives. Being unable to view what we’ve captured certainly added an element of intrigue and excitement. In the end, providing us with the images you now see. As a collective, we were thrilled by the exposed images, but for us, it wasn’t just about the photos. The experience and process itself brought us closer as a group, strengthening our bonds and creating lasting memories. Truly becoming a tightly-knit cohort through this creative journey, making it an unforgettable ride!

Check out The Photography Foundation website to see what great work they're doing.

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