Spooky Snapshots From the Lomography Community


Not brave enough to go ghost haunting? We collected some the creepiest photographs created by your fellow lomographers to give you a little scare. Just a tip: If you’re easily spooked, we highly recommend turning the lights on before browsing through this gallery.

Everyday Enigmas

Credits: adzfar, gakurou, weidong & grinningcat

Midnight Multiple Exposures

Credits: hodachrome, atropaworkshop, maria_vlachou, dhuffone, buckshot & satomi

Creepy Costumes

Credits: nofish, bccbarbosa, badjuju & weidong

Ghost of the Past

Credits: 12_12, alexes, satomi, projectsnap, oneira1927 & aka_papu

2016-10-31 #gallery #halloween

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