Sweet Lou's First Impressions of the New LomoChrome Turquoise


In case you haven't heard, our LomoChrome Turquoise film is making a comeback! We wanted to get some community reactions to the new formula, and so we reached out to a few special LomoAmigos to do their thing. Lou Guarneri, a.k.a. Sweet Lou Photography on his platforms, is here to tell us how his Turquoise experience went. Be sure to check out his video review below as well!

Photos by Sweet Lou Photography

Hey Lou, welcome to Lomography’s Online Magazine. May you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Lou. I’m a photographer and YouTube creator. I love shooting film, making videos with silly memes in them, and of course, Doom Eternal is one of my favorite games right now.

What was your introduction to film photography like? And how is your relationship with photography now?

I actually started shooting very casually on 35 mm back in high school (during the mesozoic era.) I was a part of my high school’s photo club, learned about darkroom chemistry and all that jazz. My dad played a part in my interest too, because he had this rad Pentax 35mm camera that I always wanted to use.

Fast forward to college, I fell into the world of video production and journalism which got me shooting again. Finally, after college I got my first ‘big boy’ job, saved up some money and bought a Canon 60D. (I know, digital, cringe haha– just kidding.) But that camera really put me on track to practicing more, doing YouTube, shooting astrophotography, portraits, eventually weddings, and music videos.

Once I started my YouTube channel, I went back to my film stuff. I started experimenting more, and falling in love with the process. A big moment for me was when I shot my first roll of LomoChrome Purple. While it wasn’t my first film-related video, I feel like it really helped solidify my desire to make film a much bigger part of my channel.

Photos by Sweet Lou Photography

You recently tested our new LomoChrome Turquoise film! How did you plan to go about this shoot? What was in your head before the process?

Normally I don’t plan out my shoots extensively. I try to have in mind what I want, and then I just go for it. Considering this was a pre-production roll (I didn’t even know how many frames I had.) I spent time thinking about trying to get as many different lighting scenarios as humanly possible. I jotted my ideas down in a notebook, and tried to take notes on my shots as I took them.

During the shoot, what would you say was the greatest challenge/reward?

I think this film really challenged me. It really took me a minute to wrap my mind around what environments would look like in the ‘turquoise realm.’ The film made me spend time observing the usual places I love but completely flipped those places upside down. I think this film really shines for landscape work. It's very exciting to see how this film turns your surroundings into alien worlds. And if we’re getting super honest with how my brain works here, I say alien worlds because the shots really make me think of the video game, No Man’s Sky. Shoutout to Sean Murray and his team for still updating that game haha.

Photos by Sweet Lou Photography

What do you make of the results? Any first impressions?

LomoChrome Turquoise was a fan favorite to my understanding– and after taking it for a test drive I absolutely understand why. While I do think this film is much more extreme than LomoChrome Purple, I think it's definitely worth a try for any photographer who is into the more experimental, and who wants to think about their surroundings in a very different way. When I shoot LomoChrome Purple, I feel like I just think about what's green around me, because the greens go purple. With turquoise, I felt like I needed to think about every color in the frame. It's more challenging, and it's a ton of fun.

If you could sum up your Turquoise experience in three words, what would they be?

In three words, ‘outside the box.’

Would you recommend this film to anyone?

I would absolutely recommend this film to photographers who enjoy experimenting, who enjoy shooting on expired film, or photographers who want to shake things up in their creative world.

Photos by Sweet Lou Photography

Is there anything else regarding film you’d like to experiment with? What’s your next challenge?

I’m always getting up to something with film, whether it’s more film swaps with my wonderfully talented friends, or maybe an upcoming video where I develop black and white film in a very abnormal manner.

More of Lou's work can be found on his Instagram and YouTube!

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