Lomography Basics: The Actionsampler for Beginners


Community member @appelmoes calls this album My First Meeting with Lomography. A mix of photographs taken with the multi-lens camera, the Actionsampler, with an assortment of color negative and slide films.

Do you still remember when you first encountered Lomography (or even film photography in general?) Holding a film camera for the very first time in your hands, wondering whether to be careful with each and every shot or just take pictures with reckless abandon. But with a fun camera like the Actionsampler, you're forced to let go of your inhibitions because it's simple and straightforward. There's just no time for overthinking or fussing around with settings.

Take a cue from @appelmoes and just enjoy the moments with the Actionsampler! Cute cat optional, but recommended.

Credits: appelmoes

1,2,3,4 — Action!

Have your subject move or move with your camera.
Moving too swiftly often results in a blur, so unless that's the look that you want, see the next tip. . .

No grand gestures needed.
Because the Actionsampler’s four lenses whir in succession at 0.22 seconds per frame, even the subtlest action makes a difference.

Shoot in bright sunlight.
The Actionsampler does not have a flash, so pair it with a film suitable for mixed-lighting conditions (to be safe, ISO 200 and above) and bask in available light when taking photos.

Credits: appelmoes

You can make a mini-movie or pop art.
Action shots can be made into mini-movies; using photo editing software, slice each frame and animate it. No action shots? No problem—solitary subjects can create awesome patterns and pop art.

Cuteness goes a long way.
You can never go wrong with cute! That cat (with the sky background) photo alone attracted more than 600 likes from feline fans all over the world.

Have fun!
You'll probably notice the viewfinder that flips up on the top of your Actionsampler. Ignore that and try the shot from the hip!

Credits: appelmoes

What was the first camera that you started your Lomography journey with?

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Lomography Actionsampler

Lomography Actionsampler

Take a look at the inside of your camera as you snap four sequentially operated lenses for fun filled 35mm shots.


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    this is such a fun camera, definitely gonna be in my bag this summer.

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